Experienced and Skilled Attorney-Mediator and Arbitrator

Dedicated to helping parties resolve their disputes
Maxel (Bud) Silverberg is a very experienced attorney-mediator and arbitrator who has mediated more than 3,500 cases and devoted the past 24 years of his extensive law practice to helping individuals and businesses resolve their disputes.  As the result, the disputing parties can refocus their attention and energy to living their lives and running their businesses in a more productive manner.

Bud’s creativity, patience, and understanding of the parties’ differing situations and the emotions and problems involved in their controversies (often bitter controversies) have been instrumental in his successful resolution of disputes in many areas.  His expertise includes handling  complicated matters dealing with business, finance, employment, securities, personal injury, oil and gas, discrimination, real estate, construction, probates and estates, taxes (income, property and estate taxes), professional malpractice, the acts of government entities and agencies, and other areas.  He is also experienced in dealing with disputes between the owners and other family members of family businesses.

Bud’s experience as a senior attorney with the United States Government, as an officer with a very large major Corporation, and in the private practice of law gives him the unique ability to see and to understand issues from the different points of view of corporations, individuals, and governmental agencies.

The Three Primary Forms of Dispute Resolution that Bud conducts are:
o   Mediation* – an informal and nonbinding process in which the mediator facilitates negotiations between the disputing parties and attempts to help them find a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute.  Once a settlement is reached and its terms formalized in a written agreement executed by the parties, the settlement becomes binding.
o   Arbitration* – a process in which one or more neutrals (the arbitrators) review the evidence presented to them, hear the arguments of the parties, and then render a decision which resolves the dispute, if the arbitration is binding on the parties.  Usually, the parties agree beforehand that the arbitrators’ decision will be binding.
o   Summary Jury Trial – an actual nonbinding jury trial where the evidence is summarized and presented to the jury so that the process can usually be completed in one day.  After the trial, the parties are permitted to question the individual jurors about the jurors’ impressions of the case and the basis for the jury’s verdict.  Usually, this critical information will then enable the parties to meet and to settle their dispute.

*  Note that in a mediation, the parties are the decision makers; whereas in an arbitration, the arbitrators are         the decision makers.

Bud Silverberg has earned the respect of both his peers and those who have used his services, achieving an AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell – a distinction signifying particularly outstanding legal work, professionalism and ethical standards.

Bud is the recipient of the American Arbitration Association’s “Steve Brutsche Award” for professional excellence in dispute resolution, and a joint recipient with his wife, Rena Silverberg, of the “Justice Frank G. Evans Award” from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Texas.

Texas Monthly has selected Bud as a Texas Super Lawyer for each year since 2003; and Best Lawyers in America has selected him as one of the Best Lawyers in America for each year since 2008.

Successfully Serving Disputing Parties in Texas and in Other Parts of the United States.

Bud Silverberg has conducted mediations throughout the State of Texas and in major cities in all regions of the United States.  To schedule a mediation, arbitration or summary jury trial in order to resolve prelitigation disputes or lawsuits, contact Bud Silverberg on line or at (972) 764-4300.